Raut #7: The Sisterhood of the Feminist Killjoy Audre Lorde

A Discussion of the Book Sister Outsider with Alma Lily Rayner and Kateřina Kolářová

Please note that the podcast is available only in Czech.

15. 04. 2022
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“I’ve come across her texts a number of times in different stages of my life, and I’ve always found some kind of new meaning in them. They helped me when I was going through an immensely painful situation and wasn’t sure if I could handle it any longer. Lorde writes about what it’s like to live with pain and to find some meaning within it. There’s something loving in her writing, it’s almost as if I could feel her embrace or caress through her words,” states artist Alma Lily Rayner.

Kateřina Kolářová, the academic and author of the Czech translation of Sister Outsider, mentions the peculiar urgency of Andre Lorde’s texts. In her view “… they speak via a directly shared life experience which must affect everyone. It’s necessary to recognise that our (Central European) experience, by contrast with hers, is shaped by privilege.”

A key concept of the book is sisterhood. For Alma Lily Rayner sisterhood means that as women we are all interconnected, even if we are all different. “We share common traumas, pain, dreams and goals. Capitalism teaches us to focus more on our individual goals. Nevertheless, what’s good for one of us is good for all of us, and if one of us isn’t safe, then none of us are. We have to consciously cultivate a feeling of solidarity and curiosity within ourselves, and a desire to support and understand others,” adds the artist.

The first Czech translation of the book opens up the thinking of Audre Lorde to the local linguistic and cultural context. Although Lorde writes primarily about oppression within the context of the United States of America, her views are thought-provoking and topical also in relation to issues that remain unresolved also in Europe. 

The podcast is part of tranzit.cz / Matter of Art project Centre and Periphery: Cultural Deserts in Eastern Europe supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (EEA Grants) as a part of the programme Culture. The series is supported by the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic. The main partner of tranzit.cz is ERSTE Foundation.


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