Matter of Art Ve věci umění


Podcast o umění které nikoho nezajímá

The content of the podcast will be closely related to other activities - artistic residencies, the exhibition and the Oasis as well as the curatorial concept. It will be primarily focused on local audiences, therefore produced in Czech language with Czech and English accompanying textual summary. The podcast will help us mediate the content of the project to an audience who cannot be physically present at the events and it will function as a backbone of the archive of the project. The podcast aims to have standalone qualities and even though it will tackle themes inherent to the project, it will be produced in a way to be comprehensible and widely accessible, and therefore it will be a useful tool for the publicity of the project and a means to liaise with the general public. Last but not least, the production of the podcast will provide valuable opportunity to establish or foster connection with participating subjects among the marginalized minorities and inhabitants of cultural desert sites. This activity will involve the curators from, the PR manager, the podcast manager and the production manager.