Collaboration is a ceaseless negotiation between closeness and distance

24. 09. 2021 08:00
Performance festival Interview

What is the role and potential of art in today’s multiple-crisis situation? What are the power and limitations of language? Read the new interview with the artists Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkáčová conducted by the curator Judit Angel of and published on the occasion of the upcoming festival of performance art We Are All Emotional. The event will take place on December 3–4, 2021 in Prague, and the program is co-curated by the members of the network.

I see the biggest force of art in its transformative potential, which can operate in two directions – inwards and outwards. Inwardly, art has the power to change its own maker. The creative process resembles the alchemic magnum opus – the process transmutes, transubstantiates, and refines the one who conducts it. Out of the one comes the two, out of the two comes the three, and from the third comes the one as the fourth. In this sense, art-making can be seen as inner activism – self-work and self-care that expands the depth and width of the artist’s mind-body, strengthens and sensitizes it.“