Matter of Art Ve věci umění

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21. 06. 2021 08:00
Podcast Audio Raut APART Collective BCAA system Pavel Karous

Raut is a space for discussions about contemporary art that is open to self-criticism, activism, collectivity, and an intensified sensitivity to an uncertain future. The first episode traces the current tendencies of the formation of artistic collectives and the self-organization of art professionals in supporting organizations and the connection with the union activities of artists during the Czechoslovak normalization period. Why do artists voluntarily give up their autonomy in favor of the collective? Doesn't the effort to find a common denominator dull the sharp ideas in the foundations? Invited by moderators Agata Hrnčířová and Max Dvořák, the artist Pavel Karous, representatives of the BCAA system collective Noemi Purkrábková and Jiří Sirůček, and members of the APART Collective Ema Hesterová, Denis Kozerawski, and Peter Sit discuss these issues.