Raut #1: Collectives, Associations and Unions in Art

First episode of the podcast series with BCAA system, APART Collective and Pavel Karous

Please note that the podcast is available only in Czech.

21. 06. 2021
Pavel Karous APART Collective BCAA system Podcast Audio

The first episode of Raut maps the current tendencies of the formation of artistic collectives and the self-organization of artistic professionals in supporting organizations and the connection with the union activities of artists during the Czechoslovak normalization period. Agáta Hrnčířová and Max Dvořák invited a number of guests to take part in the discussion, including the artist Pavel Karous, representatives of the BCAA system collective Noemi Purkrábková and Jiří Sirůček, and members of the APART Collective Ema Hesterová, Denis Kozerawski, and Peter Sit. Why do artists voluntarily give up their autonomy in favor of the collective? Doesn't the effort to find a common denominator dull the sharp ideas in the foundations? 

The project is produced in collaboration with the online daily A2larm, whose editor Táňa Zabloudilová is the dramaturge of the podcast. The podcast is part of tranzit.cz / Matter of Art project Centre and Periphery: Cultural Deserts in Eastern Europe funded by the EEA and Norway Grants. The series is supported by the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic. The main partner of tranzit.cz is ERSTE Foundation.


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