Lenka Podroužek Polčová

Lenka Podroužek Polčová (c) Eva Komínková

Lenka Podroužek Polčová (*1991) is currently completing her doctoral studies in sociocultural anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University under the supervision of Tereza Stöckelová. Her field is at the intersection of artistic and ethnographic practices and the search for the possibilities/limits of interdisciplinary collaboration. During her master’s studies, she explored the constitution of autistic subjectivity through an alternative therapeutic practice and, more generally, explored the limits of human beings, sociality, and the materiality of bodies on a neuroatypical basis. She is a member of the Ramus Association, which provided her with, among other things, her connection with fellow artist Bára Bažantová. She lives and works in Prague.