Anetta Mona Chișa and Lucia Tkáčová

Anetta Mona Chișa, Lucia Tkáčová © courtesy of the artists, 2013

Anetta Mona Chișa and Lucia Tkáčová have been working in collaboration since 2000. At the heart of their collaboration lies their quest to find a means of reconciling the political with the aesthetic validity of art. Their practice is “both visual and theoretical and does not rest upon the utopian dream of merging life and art, but opens up the possibility to think about both art and life differently. Working against our post-political and post-feminist universe, they convey their feminist scepticism by piercing the surface of Now, detecting in its depth the capillary working of power and questioning the effects they produce on art making and society as we know it” (Bojana Pejić, 2019). They live and work in Prague and Vyhne.