What is the state of accessibility in European art spaces?

Research trips to Graz, Ljubljana and Lisbon

28. 06. 2023 14:25
NPO National Recovery Plan MKCR

As part of the National Recovery Plan, the team of tranzit.cz / Biennale Matter of Art completed two research trips organized as part of ongoing research of accessibility of art institutions across Europe. In April 2023, they travelled to Graz and Ljubljana, where they met with representatives and educators from art institutions. In Graz they visited steirischerherbst, < rotor > and Kunsthaus Graz, in Ljubljana Škuc Gallery and Cukrarna. During their second tour in June, they travelled to Lisabon, visiting Kunsthalle Lissabon and maat museum. They were interested in the cultural policy of individual cities, their experience with the Status of the Artist or the relationship between curators and educators and their role in the preparation of exhibitions.

The mobillity was funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.