Judit Angel in conversation with Maja Štefančíková

26. 04. 2021 08:00
Performance festival

”Performative actions are about the potential of the human body“ — the festival We Are All Emotional is a group project by the international network tranzit.org, which, in addition to the Czech Republic, also operates in Romania, Hungary, Austria, and Slovakia. Individual branches of tranzit nominated artists for a jointly curated festival program for which the artists will prepare projects for a multiple-day event in collaboration with the Prague theater company Divadlo X10. The festival will take place in the fall of 2021. Throughout the year we will be publishing interviews which will give a sense of the works of the participating artists. The third in our series of these dialogues is an interview by curator Judit Angel of tranzit.sk with Slovak artist Maja Štefančíková. The festival is organized by the Biennale Matter of Art.