Reaping Cooperation. Excursion and discussion

with Pavel Černý,, and the Tenants’ Initiative at the Museum of Cooperative Movements

From the left: Pavel Černý, Katalin Erdődi and Aleksei Borisionok visiting the Museum of Cooperative Movements, 2023, (c) Tereza Havlínková

18. 09. 2024 17:00 Museum of the Cooperative Association of the Czech Republic

Length: 03 hours 00 minutes

Cooperative Association of the Czech Republic

Language accessibility: Czech

Free entrance

An excursion and discussion in a lesser-known Prague museum with its director and members of an architectural cooperative will connect the ideas of historical solidarity struggles with contemporary initiatives. 

Many thinkers argue that cooperation and mutual aid – and not capitalist competition – form the basis for human development and a fair society. The Museum of Cooperative Associations tells the story of cooperative movements in the Czechoslovak context. The event will include a guided tour of the museum led by its director, Pavel Černý, and the cultural cooperative (Markéta Mráčková & Barbora Šimonová), which has previously collaborated with the museum and is presenting new work in the main exhibition of the Biennale Matter of Art at the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery Prague. Their project focuses on the museum’s unique library and collection. Following the guided tour, a discussion will explore the history and contemporary moments of self-organized struggles within the contexts of workers’, cooperative, and tenant movements in the Czech Republic and beyond.