Laundry Collective: Expressing the Desire for the Impossible

Divadlo X10

Length: 30 minutes

We Are All Emotional Festival
Date Time
Saturday 07. 05. 2022 19:15
Saturday 07. 05. 2022 21:00

Monika: Since we’ve got the chance to show people something, I want them to walk away thinking: Well shit, they’re just like us. They’re both good and bad, and we’re the same way. I’ve been on the streets for a few years, and sometimes for two weeks it’s like, first this lady barks at me, then that guy turns up his nose – for two straight weeks – but then that one kind soul appears, and all they have to do is smile – girls, you know what I mean – and it just clears the air. It’ll sound like a stupid cliché, but it’s true: Love shows itself in all sorts of ways – a smile, a handshake. And if it’s not given, you can’t take it. And it’s not about them giving this love to each other – the people who are socially okay. But why don’t they give it to us? Why is it just these bright exceptions? So anyway, which one of us has a nice voice? Maybe they can read a verse, and that’ll be a nice end to our performance. I’ll write it down there decent, no frills, politely. Linda can read it. She’s got a really beautiful voice.

Linda: These people will want to know who we are and what we do. And we’ll tell them: We’re artists, and we do performances. And they’ll say: What’re those? And I’ll say: They’re impossible, nonsensical things. A tool for expressing impossible desires.

Artist: Laundry Collective