Hajnal Németh: Dream exchanges – The Casting

06. 05. 2022 20:30 Divadlo X10

Length: 30 minutes

We Are All Emotional Festival tranzit.org

A piece for seven actors, performed as a casting, as a selection for a role. However, the role cannot be defined because the performers do not play a specific person but rather the psyche of an unknown person, and the casting has no purpose because in the end no one is selected. The piece simply takes on the format of a casting, applying its formal elements and methods.
The piece is constructed in the process of the performance, based on prewritten instructions and rules. The final content of the piece is determined by the innermost world of the performers, by their choices, and by chance. The performance is recorded, and this filming process is a part of the piece.
The essence of the piece is as follows: In roughly five-minute rounds, each actor tells another actor’s dream as her/his own.
Memories of dreams that have been noted down in advance alone and anonymously are randomly distributed among the actors by drawing lots.

Artist: Hajnal Németh