Biennale opening #3 – Šaloun

22. 07. 2022 18:00 Šaloun

Length: 02 hours 00 minutes

Biennale 2022 Šaloun

On Friday, July 22, we invite you to the Šaloun Studio for the third night of the Biennale Matter of Art 2022 opening week – the vernissage of the installation by Robert Gabris & Luboš Kotlár of the collective i pack*. The installation will be accessible from July 21 during regular opening hours of the venue. Admission to all events and the exhibition is free of charge.

In the Mould Mix Melt Stir Break Pinch SUGAR Repeat, the artists Robert Gabris and Luboš Kotlár open the topic of sugar seen as the most charged resource in the postcolonial world. The “white gold” that fueled slavery for centuries has gone through different incarnations, from an item of oppression to a symbol of absolute power and luxury to a present-day marker of absolute poverty. Highlighting its racist implications and dense history, the performative work opens a platform for sugar’s transformation. As we can read in the artists’ statement: “To engage in this procedure, one must recover the tools engulfed in the sugary sculptures exhibited as part of the installation. We must scrape, crack, tear, lick, break, and digest piece by piece to access the healing tools.”