Šaloun Studio, Slovenská 2499/4, 101 00 Prague 2


Opening hours

Thu–Sun 1PM–6PM

This venue will be accessible only until September 11, 2022.

Accessibility & facilities

Barrier-free entrance
Water fountain
230V Power socket

Public transport

Station Krymská
Tram 4 / 13 / 22
Bus 135


The construction of the sculptor Ladislav Šaloun's studio was completed in 1911 based on his own design. The building is an example of art nouveau architecture with strong elements of symbolism characteristic of Šaloun's later artistic work. The building includes a main studio with direct access from the outside, a smaller space with a gallery, a salon, and basement spaces used for occult sessions. In the 1930s, a residential annex was added to the original building. The building, situated on a hillside on the border of the Vinohrady and Vršovice districts, today belongs to the administration of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and houses the Visiting Teacher's Studio, which in the past was led by Zbigniew Libera, Magdalena Jetelová, and others.