Jiří Valoch – Enunciation of the Word Junk, 1970

12000 CZK

Jiří Valoch
Enunciation of the Word Junk, 1970
Photo-event, series of six b/w photos, each 14,8 x 21 cm
Edition of 12 + 3 A.P.
Price per series: 12 000,- CZK

tranzit.cz is offering a limited-edition multiples* of work by Jiří Valoch.

*We do not view the problematic of the multiple simply as a game of numbers. We consider it mainly in connection with the history of artistic practice in the 20th and 21st centuries, when the expansion of industrial media and technologies incorporates within itself an interrogation of the new conditions of the production, distribution and status of the artwork as a commodity subject to market mechanisms.

All the takings from the sale are used to produce the subsequent books, artworks, performances, etc.