Jana Ševčíková, Jiří Ševčík – Texty [Writings]

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Publisher: tranzit.cz and VVP AVU, Prague, 2010
Czech edition
Navigation series volume 0007
Authors: Jana Ševčíková, Jiří Ševčík
Editor: Terezie Nekvindová
Translated by: Barbara Day, Jakub Kaifosz, Dan Morgan, Marek Tomin
Pages: 127
Dimensions: 207 x 149 mm, softcover
ISBN/ISSN: 78-80-87259
Navigation series 0007

This book, entitled simply Writings, presents for the first time a selection of studies, essays, exhibition texts and criticism by Jana Ševčíková (1941) and Jiří Ševčík (1940), supplemented by their complete bibliography and a list of the exhibitions they have curated.
Curators, art historians, critics and teachers, Jana Ševčíková and Jiří Ševčík represent a major presence in Czech art history.

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