The Great Land of Small

Creative workshops for children aged 9-14


A three-part series (July 18, August 29, September 15) of creative workshops for children aged 9 to 14 that will help children find a distinctive way to think about art and exhibitions, find confidence in expressing their own opinions, and discover ways to influence the world around them. Admission is free of charge.

Building on the themes of the biennale exhibition, children will experiment with various ways to capture and share their thoughts, opinions, dreams, and ideas – from audio recordings to newspaper contributions to drawings. All materials and equipment will be available on-site. Participants will be guided through the project by artist Eva Koťátková, artist and member of the Mothers Artlovers collective Bára Šimková, DJ, musician, and journalist Mary C, theater director and dramaturg Magda Stojowska, and poet, educator, and illustrator Tadeáš Polák. 

The program will be in Czech and is free of charge for all 
All equipment and information will be provided to the children on-site
Parents’ participation during the workshop is not necessary 
We encourage children to attend all three sessions 
It is also possible to participate in only one of the three dates
You can book your spot at

What stories and events are reported in the newspapers, and which ones never appear there?  What would we add to or remove from the newspaper to match what is really happening in the world? Or would we have to completely cut them up and put them back together again? What name would we give them? And would we compose them from texts and pictures on paper or rather from found objects, traces, and living people who would tell the stories? What if newspapers brought news of what was happening in the world not through text but through smell? What if newspapers were blank paper that anyone and everyone could use to write their own report, their own news story? And what if there was an editorial office, a place we could create together, where we could gather and see what reports others have brought? Can only adults create newspapers? And why shouldn’t children have more say in what happens in the world? There is no such thing as objective news. We can only get a more comprehensive view if we give space to a wide range of voices, including (or especially) those that are not often heard. That’s why we invite you to share your news with us, bring us your reports on places, people, and non-people big and small, your coverage of events that you think are important and that others should know about.

The event is part of the project Art Space Unlimited, which is co-financed by the European Union and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


Mediation: The Great Land of Small Workshop #1 — creative program for children aged 9–14

18. 07. 2024 14:00

Mediation: The Great Land of Small Workshop #2 — creative program for children aged 9–14

29. 08. 2024 14:00

Mediation: The Great Land of Small Workshop #3 — creative program for children aged 9–14

15. 09. 2024 14:00