Sláva Sobotovičová

Sláva Sobotovičová works in the formats of performance, video, text, and installation. She deals with the memory imprinted in folklore and pop culture. She takes historical texts, visuals, and musical elements and updates them by rearranging and reinterpreting them. In her texts, performances, and recordings she focuses on the emotional aspect of vocal expression and the collapse of language. Common motifs include fatefulness and the personal experience of broader social phenomena. She has exhibited, for example, in the group show If on a Fall Morning a Student (House of Arts, Brno, 2023) as well as in the solo exhibitions Fasáda (Blansko City Gallery, 2019), Reverb (Futura Projects, Prague, 2018), and V jakém tónu mluvit o bezdětnosti (Galerie AVU, Prague, 2021; together with David Fesl).