Jonáš Strouhal

(c) Peter Sit

Jonáš Strouhal is one of those creative individuals whose engagement with the problems of the contemporary world is far more than a passive academic commentary. On the contrary, his work with technology and the visual language of contemporary consumer culture is primarily an active diversion revealing the darker sides of the psychological manipulation and exploitation of consumer society (Bistro Affluenza, Smutný Alzák). At times his works also offer a positive way of diverting the use of a given technology or aesthetic toward the practical treatment of a number of civilizational traumas (First Scratch, Dr. Mozek). The nature of his artistic output varies, from video art and graphics to installations and interventions to performative actions. The artist himself oscillates between the roles of artist, scientist, and sociologist, which he combines with ingenuity. Jonáš Strouhal is a graduate of the Supermedia Studio at UMPRUM in Prague and currently heads the Intermedia Studio at the Brno University of Technology’s Faculty of Fine Arts.