24. 02. 2022 14:00
Kyiv Ukraine EEBA

The East Europe Biennial Alliance expresses solidarity with Ukrainian people.

We urge the international (art) community to solidarize and support Ukrainian citizens by all possible means 

As members of the East Europe Biennial Alliance, we express our heartfelt solidarity to our partners Kyiv Biennial and the Ukrainian people firmly objecting the ongoing and now once again escalating violence led by Putin’s Russia. 

In the light of recent events, we urge our international community to be supportive of Ukrainian citizens raising their voices locally and internationally, speaking up to politicians and decision makers at different levels as the hesitation from the rest of the world leads to more actual lives and livelihoods being endangered every day.

Boycott Russian governmental and oligarchic institutions in the sphere of art

We appeal to nurturing the relationships with our allies viable across the borders but being mindful of supporting governmental or oligarchic art structures that are often exercising nothing more than soft power through culture. 

We stand for building and maintaining alternative alliances transnationally, where critical discussions and alternative geopolitical models can be exercised, and once again we are saying strongly: No to war in Ukraine! No to occupation! 

East Europe Biennial Alliance comprises Biennale Matter of Art PragueBiennale WarszawaKyiv BiennialOFF-Biennale Budapest, and Survival Kit Festival Riga.