Podcast: We’re Girls from the Streets

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05. 05. 2022 10:00
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Balu, Monika, Magda, Linda, and Helena are members of the Laundry Collective and artists who dedicate their time to creating and to direct actions in support of homeless women. They themselves have experience with living on the streets. “We’re girls from the streets. All of us have been homeless at some point in our lives. The collective is taking me to a different life. Before, I was only concerned with the basics—getting food and a place to sleep. Now we’re choosing where we want to exhibit. I would never have gotten to this point on my own,” says Monika, a member of the Laundry Collective.

The collective is performing as a part of the festival We Are All Emotional, organized by tranzit.cz at Prague’s Divadlo X10, and is also preparing a project for the upcoming edition of the biennale Matter of Art, which will take place in Prague starting on July 21, 2022.