Why Do Artists Take On the Role of Social Workers?

Stream the second episode of the podcast Raut with Bára Bažantová about art activism and gentrification

21. 07. 2021 08:00
Podcast Audio Raut Gentrification Bára Bažantová

Bára Bažantová – Hunger Wall, 2019, photo (c) Markéta Wagnerová

A significant current of contemporary art consists of projects that can be perceived as social work or community activism. However, they are initiated by artists, such as squatter, activist and artist Bára Bažantová, who is the guest of the second episode of the podcast series Raut. What makes the position of the artist-social worker problematic? And how do the indigenous inhabitants of the Cejl area, which is undergoing a significant transformation due to gentrification, live? (Please note that the podcast is available in Czech only.)

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