Interview with the Laundry Collective

26. 07. 2021 08:00
Performance festival Interview

Read a new interview with the Laundry Collective, conducted by curator Tereza Stejskalová. The collective was formed in the winter of 2019–20 during a three-month residency at INI Gallery Prague. The collective comprises socially disadvantaged women who collaborate with the organization Jako doma (Homelike) and was initiated by artist Magdalena Kwiatkowska. The members of the collective are currently, among other things, preparing a project for the upcoming festival We Are All Emotional, which will take place in December 2021 in Prague.

”When you’re homeless, it’s hard to even do something like go to these meetings once a week. To keep track of the time, come on the right day. You don’t have a watch – maybe a phone, but it could be dead. Even just making the effort – you’re not used to it. It’s new for the girls. They don’t know what it’s like to stick together.”