Ke zdrojům! #4: Beyond the Edge of the Village

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29. 01. 2024 11:00
podcast audio Tereza Havlínková Alarm climate change countryside

What is life like for artists who found the city too constricting and decided to move out to the countryside, even though they didn’t grow up there? Did they quickly grow accustomed to the open spaces and fresh air? Does the road to the Krkonoše or Mirošovice lead through London or Taiwan? Interviews with artists Juliana Höschlová and Tereza Stehlíková.

Artwork: courtesy of Juliana Höschlová

The Ke Zdrojům! podcast is produced by, an initiative for contemporary art, in collaboration with the online daily Deník Alarm. The series is hosted by Tereza Havlínková, the sound design is by Jonáš Rosůlek, the visual identity is designed by the studio Day Shift Office, and the producer of the podcast is Tereza Stejskalová from The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.