Don't thank – remember. How was the circus camp at the organic farm in Valeč?

We bring you a report from the summer camp for children from the Janov neighborhood of Litvínov, which took place in August 2023 in the town of Valeč, led by Bára Bažantová:

30. 08. 2023 14:25
MKCR SFK Mycelium

"This year's camp took place in Valeč in cooperation with the local community center Roháček in the spirit of a circus. In the span of just one week, an ensemble of fifteen children from Janov and a supporting team of adults managed to make backdrops and masks, put together costumes, and rehearse nine original performances with musical accompaniment. There were flips, stilt walking, juggling, theater, jokes, an exhibition boxing match, and a final dance number. The performance was attended by some twenty people from Valeč and the surrounding area, who were drawn to the event by posters put up around the village by the protagonists themselves as well as by announcements on the local radio."

"In the end, perhaps I'll just add that a Romani saying goes: Don't thank – remember. And that is why we do not thank but remember the Valeč Biofarm, the Roháček Community Center, the team, the parents who have put their trust in us, all the adults on site, and especially the painter Katerina Rafaelová, who was at the camp for the second time and whose enthusiasm in preparing the art workshops is captivating." - Bára Bažantová

The camp was created as part of the Podhoubí project and was funded by the State Fund for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.