The Laundry Collective is ready to meet you every Tuesday

26. 07. 2022 11:55
2022 Biennale GHMP The Laundry Collective

What we want so that the gallery is for all people, without exception is a regular meeting of the Laundry Collective which takes place as part of the biennale in the Prague City Gallery at the Municipal Library every Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for the duration of the exhibition. Once a week, Prádelna collective meets, thinks and creates together. The place changes depending on what the collective is currently working on. During the whole biennale, the collective will be assigned one exhibition room which will serve as a space for their meetings. The visitors will have the chance to meet the collective and to join their meetings. Women who are members of the collective have experience with life on the streets. They wish that people who go to galleries would see how they work. They want the people who don’t usually go to galleries or can’t go for different reasons, to come and try to make art just like them. The gallery room will therefore become an open workshop. See Program for more details.