The Biennale is Open

The Biennale Matter of Art 2022 opens today. What can we look forward to during the opening week?

21. 07. 2022 09:00
2022 Biennale Opening

Thursday 21 July  
Thursday is the first chance to see the entire exhibition across all three venues during regular opening hours. In the evening, the official opening ceremony will take place at the General University Hospital, followed by a guided tour in English. A discussion between the artists and curators will then take place at the nearby CAMP, accompanied with a performance by Nolan Oswald Dennis. At the GHMP, a performance of Florin Flueras's Unexperiences will run all day, with a presentation of Linh Valerie Pham's project starting at 4:30 pm.

Friday 22 July
The GHMP will host the first of two performances of Florin Flueras's Undreaming. In the evening the official opening of the installation by Robert Gabris and Luboš Kotlár in the Šaloun Studio will take place.

Saturday 23 July 
At the GHMP you can experience the performances Undreaming and Unexperiences, or head to the GHMP Education Centre for the workshop Identity in the Object. 

Tuesday 26 July
Another meeting with the Laundry Collective will take place at the GHMP in the afternoon, followed in the evening by be a guided tour of the Biennale in English.

Thursday 28 July
The opening week of the Biennial will conclude with a curators’ guided tour of the exhibition at the General University Hospital.

 Three venues ten minutes apart
The exhibition is taking place simultaneously at the General University Hospital, in the Prague City Gallery in the Municipal Library and in the Šaloun studio. Visitors can see the entire exhibition from Thursday 21 July onwards, according to the opening hours of each venue. Admission is free, and the tram ride between the locations takes about 10 minutes. 

A printed Biennale Guide is available for purchase at the entrance to the exhibition. You can also find the texts in an online version on the Biennale website and view them by scanning the QR code from the labels in the exhibition.

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