Workshop: Playroom with Platforma Výkvět for children aged 1 1⁄2–5 and adults

11. 09. 2024 10:30 NGP – Trade Fair Palace – Korzo

Length: 06 hours 00 minutes

ticketed Educational department of the National Gallery

The playroom is open to children aged 1.5–5, who must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or other adult. It will take place in the Korzo of the Trade Fair Palace on the occasion of the Biennale Matter of Art. The program has been prepared in collaboration with Platforma Výkvět, which promotes organic growers of cut flowers and the florists who work with them. Floral connections and inspiration for creation will also be found in the collection exhibition 1796–1918: Art of the Long Century with lecturers Kačka and Miša.  

Please note that the playroom is hosted by the Education Department of the National Gallery Prague, and there is an admission fee for the event, which includes entry to a selected exhibition of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Prague in the Trade Fair Palace. Admission to the Biennale Matter of Art in the Grand Hall of the Trade Fair Palace is free of charge and open to all.

Come to the gallery with your children! Discover a space where you and your children will have fun. The playroom is a generous and open format for you and your children to play, create, and discover art together through several walk-through activities. Each week we will focus on a different theme, artwork, or experimental approach of the artists. 

The playroom is not intended for groups of children from kindergartens and playgroups. For groups of children from kindergartens and other schools, please see our list of programs to order. 

Language: Czech

Price: 80 CZK / 1 person aged 1.5+ (children and adults apply) 

Duration: 60 min. 

Venue: Trade Fair Palace, Korzo

Reservation: Coming soon