Workshop for adults with Platforma Výkvět

Grafting Resilience, Hraničář, Ústí Nad Labem, December 2023 (c) Tereza Havlínková

08. 09. 2024 17:00 NGP – Trade Fair Palace – Korzo

Length: 02 hours 00 minutes

ticketed Educational department of the National Gallery

This creative art workshop builds on the project of the artist Alicja Rogalska (exhibited in the biennale in the Grand Hall of the Trade Fair Palace). The program was created in collaboration with Platforma Výkvět, which brings together ecological flower farmers.

Please note that the workshop is hosted by the Education Department of the National Gallery Prague, and there is an admission fee for the workshop, which includes entry to a selected exhibition of the permanent collection of the National Gallery Prague in the Trade Fair Palace. Admission to the Biennale Matter of Art in the Grand Hall of the Trade Fair Palace is free of charge and open to all.

The workshop for adults, which will take place in the Korzo of the Trade Fair Palace as part of the Biennale Matter of Art 2024, was created in collaboration with Platforma Výkvět. The floral context and inspiration for the work can also be found in the collection exhibition 1796–1918: Art of the Long Century.

Are you interested in art? Do you want to explore it a little closer? Come and enjoy a creative Sunday afternoon. You can expect exceptional encounters with original works of art and activities full of material experiments and new approaches to the subjects with which the artists work. Tickets to the gallery are valid for the whole day.

Language: Czech

Price: 360 CZK / 1 person 

Duration: 120 min. 

Venue: Trade Fair Palace, Korzo

Meeting place: Korzo (on the ground floor of the Trade Fair Palace)

Reservation: Coming soon