Uprooting Ill Health II. Screening of a film by Eva Egermann and Cordula Thym — C-TV (If I Tell You I Like You...)

with a discussion with the authors and Kateřina Kolářová

28. 09. 2024 18:00 Petrohradská kolektiv

Length: 01 hours 30 minutes

crip queer

Language accessibility: English

Free entrance

Screening of the film C-TV (If I Tell You I Like You...), about a fictitious inclusive TV show, by Austrian directors Eva Egermann and Cordula Thym. The screening will be followed by a discussion with academic Kateřina Kolářová.

C-TV (If I Tell You I Like You...) is a speculative TV station that questions heteronormative and ableist norms of repressive societies and seeks multifaceted politics and aesthetics of radical inclusion and accessibility. Hosted by a hamster named Heidi, the film imagines what the TV of the future could be. It creates a space for queer and crip individuals to share their ways of living and struggling.

The screening of the film will be followed by a conversation between Eva Egerman and Kateřina Kolářová on crip horizons, politics of (dis)ability, and crip time. The authors will speak about how heteropatriarchal societies such as Austria and Czech Republic have instrumentalized the notions of health, skill, and ability to close off spaces for those who are sick, crip, and queer.

The event zooms in on the political economy of health – the ways how bodies grow sick and exhausted under the contemporary conditions of capitalism. What is the political context that enables treatments, medications, and therapies so expensive that health becomes a commodity? As many health and crip activists demand full access to health, we wonder how ill health can become a common ground from which to struggle against exploitation. How can we, unhealthy and exhausted, organize and strike? The event is split into two parts: This second part is focused on the politics and aesthetics of accessibility, crip horizons, and crip time.