Talking to the Sun: Artist-led trip and midsummer celebration

Participating: Artyč, Kateřina Konvalinová, Judita Levitnerová, Marie Novotná, Bronislava Orlická, Tadeáš Polák, Lucie Rosenfeldová, Sbor Družstva života (Denisa Langrová, Jonáš Richter, Ruta Putramentaite), Tomáš Uhnák & Vendula Donátová

From an event that took place at the farm Jednorožec in 2023, courtesy of Kateřina Konvalinová

22. 06. 2024 09:00 Jednorožec Farm

Length: 13 hours 00 minutes

screenings workshops songwriting performance solstice celebration

Language accessibility: Czech

Free entrance upon registration

Talking to the Sun is an excursion and midsummer celebration co-organized with the artist Kateřina Konvalinová at Farma Jednorožec (Unicorn Farm), a collectively run farm engaged in community-supported agriculture near Prague, where Kateřina works. With a full-day program for all ages, Matter of Art invites you to an encounter between art and agriculture, with artist-led workshops, farm work brigades, performances, singing by the fire, a continuous barn cinema, and much more.

For a close-up experience of the biennale’s focus on rural change, Matter of Art invites you to leave the city and see how the countryside around Prague is changing and how recent initiatives like Farma Jednorožec (Unicorn Farm) are proposing more ecological and sustainable approaches to farming and rural life. This day at the farm will be an encounter between art and agriculture, artistic practices and farm work. 

The program of the day starts with a guided tour of the farm, followed by Unbreeding Memory, an immersive performance by Kateřina Konvalinová and Lucie Rosenfeldová, who invite participants to explore the history of human–animal relations with a focus on sheep breeding and domestication. Judita Levitnerová will propose a do-it-yourself felt intervention using wool from the farm and focusing on the slow transformation of materialities through practices such as felting. Members of Farma Jednorožec will lead work brigades where everyone will have a chance to get their hands dirty while weeding, harvesting, and taking care of the animals at the farm.

After a collectively prepared lunch, Bronislava Orlická and Tadeáš Polák will lead plein-air painting and drawing workshops for adults and kids. With Tadeáš you can invent unknown animal species, while Bronislava will focus on animal portraits. Marie Novotná concentrates on plants and she has prepared a little worksheet game for all ages. The Choir of the Life Co-op (Denisa Langrová, Ruta Putraimente, Jonáš Richter) will offer a two-hour songwriting workshop, in which songs about farms and worlds of the future will be created collectively. No musical skills are needed, but feel free to bring your own instrument if you have one! The afternoon program will conclude with an open conversation on art and agriculture, joined by invited artists, collaborators, visitors, and farmers.
No midsummer celebration is complete without a bonfire – in the evening, the Choir of the Life Co-op will lead a collective singing session by the fire, sharing the song(s) written during their workshop.
​​The barn cinema will be open all day and will present visitors with an ongoing screening of video works compiled by Artyč and Matter of Art.

The summer solstice is a time of celebration with a long history in folk tradition and rural culture, from lighting fires, dancing, singing, and jumping over the fire to gathering herbs, flowers, and decorating people, animals, and houses. It is also believed that during these days “the sun plays” and other wonders of nature can occur. Let’s see what happens.


9:00 Meeting at Smíchovské nádraží (in front of Costa Coffee). We will take the 9:15 train, followed by a bus to Třebotov, from where we will walk to the farm together.
11:00–13:00 Guided tour of the farm, performance by Kateřina Konvalinová & Lucie Rosenfeldová, felt intervention by Judita Levitnerová, farm work brigades
13:00–14:00 Collectively prepared lunch 
14:00–16:30 Bronislava Orlická – Plein-air painting workshop
14:00–16:30 Tadeáš Polák – Drawing workshop for kids: Unknown Animal Species
15:00–17:00 Songwriting workshop – Choir of the Life Co-op (Denisa Langrová, Ruta Putramentaite, Jonáš Richter) 
17:00–18:30 Open conversation: Art and Agriculture
19:00–20:00 Dinner by the fire
20:00–21:00 Collective singing & concert with the Choir of the Life Co-op
21:00–22:00 Storytelling by the fire
All day, ongoing: Barn cinema / Screening of video works compiled by Artyč and Matter of Art
All day, ongoing: Summer solstice plant game by Marie Novotná
22:55 Last bus to Prague / optional sleepover at the farm

Practical information

Please register for the event
• Food and drinks will be offered for voluntary donations.
• The farm shop offering products from the farm shop will be open.
• Please bring picnic blankets for sitting. Shade will be provided by a tent specially set up for the event, but please remember to bring sunblock and a hat or shawl in case of a very sunny day.
• For people with allergies, please bring your medication.
• Please DO NOT feed the animals without permission.


• Destination address: Farma Jednorožec, chatová osada Roblín, 252 26, Roblín – Třebotov
• Closest bus stop is „Třebotov” located in 2,2 km walking distance from the farm
• Parking is possible, but if you can, please use public transport!
• In case you are coming by car, please use the route from the direction of Třebotov. Please DO NOT pass through the village Roblín, to avoid disturbing the villagers.
• If you want to sleep at the farm, please bring your own sleeping bag and a mat.
• Dogs are welcome, but please be aware that there are different animals at the farm, so please keep dogs on a leash.

Suggested train & bus connections

Suggested train & bus connection
Prague → Unicorn Farm
If you are travelling with the group: 9:23 from the railway station "Praha-Smíchov" by train S7 to the stop "Praha-Radotín", and from there – "Praha, Nádraží Radotín, platform C" at 9:43 by bus line 313 to the stop "Třebotov"The farm is located 2,2 km walking distance from the bus. Meeting point before departure: 9:00, Costa Coffee, Smíchov train station

• Another connection: 10:53 Praha-Smíchov → 11:02 Radotín (train) 👣 11:13 Radotín (bus) → 11:28 Třebotov

Unicorn Farm → Prague
The last bus No.313 (with a connecting transfer to the S7 train at the Prague-Radotín station) departs from the stop "Třebotov" at 22:55 and arrives in Prague-Radotín at 23:10. The connecting S7 train departs at 23:30 and arrives in Prague at 23:40).

Other connections in both directions run throughout the day. Look up your connection at