Ovid Pop: Sunsets

07. 05. 2022 19:00 Divadlo X10

Length: 01 hours 00 minutes

We Are All Emotional Festival tranzit.org

The performance Sunsets puns on the long history of colonization in Europe and on the major role language and language hermeneutics play in the unfolding of this history. The setting, as well as the interplay between the characters, could be read as a dramaturgic commentary on Georg W. Friedrich Hegel’s master-slave dialectic with a twenty-first-century twist.
In the dimming evening light, two evanescent characters have an auspicious encounter. For the two unlikely companions, this encounter seems to pave the way for a life full of bounty and bliss. But trouble already lurks around the corner. The bond the two forged requires that their pledge be renewed each time the sunsets. In this cycle, governed from afar by the different moods between light and darkness, there is enough space for mistrust, betrayal, and outright confrontation.
The idea for the performance originates in the artist’s experience of how structural racism in liberal Europe creates privileges for certain groups of people while disenfranchising others. Theoretically, the performance is indebted to the already long-lasting philosophical reading groups organized by tranzit.ro/Iași and 1+1 on relevant topics at the intersection of art, culture, and politics.

Artist: Ovid Pop