Helena Eribenne: Shadow of the Imago

06. 05. 2022 19:50 Divadlo X10

Length: 30 minutes

We Are All Emotional Festival tranzit.org

The relationship between the narcissist and the empath is troubling and destructive. The empath is the moth to the narcissist’s proverbial flame. The mirror, which stands between them, is an object that became associated with the Roman goddess of love, Venus. The mirror and the goddess are integral in popular culture (female icons descended from Venus) and have been reprised since Renaissance paintings and in subsequent periods thereafter. Through performance, mime, music, and dance, we see how the actress performs a role with herself – one of life, of control, and of death.

WARNING: this performance contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy.

Artist: Helena Eribenne