Florin Flueras: Unexperiences


Length: 01 hours 00 minutes

GHMP Biennale 2022 Performance
Date Time
Wednesday 20. 07. 2022 18:00
Thursday 21. 07. 2022 16:00
Saturday 23. 07. 2022 16:00

Unexperiences are placed within "inappropriate" contexts, where something else is already happening. Unexperiences are activated by performers who shift their attitudes and moods, embodying and slightly distorting a variety of emotions. Sometimes their exaggerated abstract reactions seem to be related to the space, other people, objects, or to shared expectations and conventions.

The performance of Unexperiences will take place at random times during the opening between 6 and 9pm on 20 July, and also on 21 and 23 July from 4pm each time and at random times during opening hours on those days.

Performers: Eliza Trefas, Martina Piazzi, Florin Flueras

Language accessibility: All languages