Discussion in collaboration with ART ANTIQUES and Prague Art Week

Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze – The Invisible Hand of my Father, 2018, video still (c) from the artist's archive

07. 09. 2024 16:00 NGP – Trade Fair Palace – Grand Hall

Length: 02 hours 00 minutes

autofiction curatorial and artistic strategies

Language accessibility: English

Free entrance

From the streets to Instagram. How has politics changed in art? 

A discussion on the transformations of artistic and curatorial strategies that have pursued political goals in recent years and decades.

In art and in culture in general we can observe a turn toward autofiction, in which politics and activism are inseparable from thematizing the personal, self-reflection, and relating to one’s own situation. Political art often mediates the experience of the overlooked and disadvantaged (queer individuals, women’s experiences). However, this criticality is not only about the artworks themselves but also about the public positions of the artists. This approach did not appear all at once. It belongs to the tradition of feminist and queer art, which has historically stood at the margins of art, although younger generations are now identifying with it to a greater extent than before. They are also influenced by social networks that encourage this personal approach. The second approach, formerly more prevalent, could be characterized by a greater emphasis on what we want to criticize and the means by which we can achieve it rather than on self-reflection. The two approaches are often complementary and, in the case of different authors, intertwined to varying degrees.