Bára Bažantová, Michal Karvay - Hoří chemička, něco si přej

200 CZK

Author: Bára Bažantová
Editor: Hynek Trojánek
Illustrations: Michal Karvay
Language: Czech
Published by: tranzit.cz, 2022
Number of pages: 116
Binding: paperback
ISBN: 978-80-87259-51-1

In derelict blocks of flats, while summoning up ghosts or watching the clouds above the Litvínov chemical plant, we come up against not only the limits of (dis)trust and the depth of ingrained prejudices, but also the power of emergent alliances and brief moments of shared joy. At such moments, all barriers are dissolved, at least for a moment, and Janov belongs to everyone. The second part of the story takes place somewhere deep within, in the realm of thought, where reality is constantly confronted with an unattainable desire for equality, and where there is an entangled mesh of questions relating to the themes of integration, cultural colonisation and forms of life inside excluded localities. The text was written during the course of attempts to create a space for the shared culture of Mycelium in the Libuše Community Centre in Janov.