Upcycling workshop with Reformát

When:08.08.2020 13:00

Prague Market | Hall 19

Two workshops organised by the bookmaking shop Reformát will be held at the exhibition sites where visitors can learn how to make their own notebooks bound together using screw posts. We will be working with old posters, flyers, and magazines. Workshop participants will take home not only their own paper product but also the fundamentals of bookmaking and ideas for using waste material. The workshop is for absolute beginners as well as advanced students.

August 8, 2020, 1–4pm | Prague Market, Hall 19
October 24, 2020, 1–4pm | Prague City Gallery Education Center, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

In creating its paper and book products, Reformát uses at least 80% waste material. These products, made by hand in the Czech Republic, include notebooks made from improperly formatted paper discarded by paper manufacturers, with old covers from 1970s magazine as the notebook covers. In this way, we produce envelopes, greeting cards, practical day planners, sketchbooks, notebooks, and also items of a more lasting value such as photo albums, travel diaries, herbaria, or cookbooks. We also upcycle for special-order jobs. We collect old but still usable paper products and sell them alongside ours. Our Prague stationery store shares a space and staff with the Divize graphic design studio and with a bookmaking workshop that offers public courses and workshops and also is open for public use.