Spielraum Kollektiv: The Eco Confessional | Mothers Artlovers

When:03.08.2020 16:00

Prague Market | Hall 19


15-20 min

A performance for one viewer. Reservations:, duration of each performance is 15–20 min. The confessional will be available on August 3 from 4pm.

I sin. You sin. We all sin. Come unburden yourself of your eco-sins and good deeds.
A small oasis of intimacy. One performer. One viewer. A collective ritual and search for personal absolution for our ecological sins and our own contradictions. The viewer, and also the performer, can give payment to the other, but not necessarily with money – perhaps with a piece of one’s life story, an admission of one’s contradictions, an indulgence for a specific purpose, or a suggestion of a way out.

Mothers Artlovers is a group of women who first began meeting in Brno and Prague in 2016. Its aim is to act as a support group for artists who are also mothers, and its members include visual artists, theorists, curators, documentary filmmakers, and activists – creative women for whom art is vitally important and whose interest in art does not wane with motherhood. Fathers are welcome, too, as are future parents and men and women who want to learn more about the subject. Besides acting as a support group, this artistic community also explores art that addresses the subjects of parenthood and family, including political and institutional questions. For this reason, Mothers Artlovers seeks to connect with similar groups abroad in order to create a functioning international platform.

Mothers Artlovers is conceived as a collective social sculpture, a place for meeting and debate, an interactive installation, and a playroom and studio for children and their parents all in one. During the biennial, the studio will create Urban Jungle, an installation created jointly through workshops and other activities for parents and children. There will also be debates on social issues, a performance festival for children, a rap workshop, a regular children’s program with childcare, and more.

Mothers Artlovers shares the conviction that a change is needed in the art world and its institutions. If they are truly to serve their function and help create culture which can resist the utilitarian economization of society, they must radically reassess their priorities. Mothers Artlovers shares in a new conception of culture, which will be – aware of its own vulnerability – founded on principles of reciprocity, solidarity, and care.