Handcraft Traditions VI. | Workshop | GHMP

When:18.10.2020 15:00

GHMP Education Center at the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace


3 hours

The international exhibition of contemporary art Matter of Art Prague 2020 with its socially-engaged program is an impulse for the creation of artistic workshops that will reflect creative dialogues with the social group from an atelier for adults and seniors. We will draw inspiration from the works created and presented there, mainly using techniques from the field of textile production. The first series of interactive workshops will involve the collective creation of textiles by weaving on a handheld loom (a comb loom). In the second round of workshops we will continue our small-scale textile manufacturing with a different type of loom (a nail loom). We will weave yarn into geometric shapes, endless color compositions, or our own unique designs. Through this slow, manual labor we will engage in focused meditation and reflect on mechanical mass production as well. This will also be a space for mutual inspiration, sharing personal experiences, and other handicrafts and creative activities. Through these techniques we will focus above all on the principal themes of the exhibition.