Why So Loud? Come Closer! | workshop | Meetina

When:22.10.2020 18:00

GHMP | Municipal Library


150 minutes

The workshop is organised by Biennale VVUMOA in cooperation with the organisation Meetina and will be held at Prague City Gallery (GHMP) in the Municipal Library building, 2nd floor

September 29, 2020, 6–8.30pm
October 22, 2020, 6–8.30pm

In groups of no more than twenty (to create an intimate environment of sharing), participants will reflect on their own yearning to be seen, heard, and perceived by their surroundings. Together, we will focus on how to achieve this goal.

Psychologists and psychotherapists Šárka Gabrielová and Jana Geisslerová are founding members of Meetina. They currently work as school psychologists and have several years of experience organizing workshops and other educational events aimed at presenting psychotherapy to the public as something absolutely normal.

Meetina is a non-profit project by a group of young therapists who did not want to remain alone in their profession after graduation. Although therapists are in constant contact with people, psychotherapy can be a lonely profession. We bring together a community of psychotherapists and people interested in psychotherapy who meet regularly to share and pass on their experiences. Our goal is to make psychotherapy more accessible to the general public, to talk about it, and to show that that psychotherapy is something for everyone. We believe that caring for your mental health is as important as caring for your physical health, and so we work to overcome the fears, myths, and prejudices that people have about psychotherapy.

We also organize workshops and educational events for the public where we use an educational, experience-based approach to introduce people to the world of psychotherapy and deeper self-knowledge… just like at the workshop Why So Loud? Come Closer!, prepared especially for the Biennale.