Audience without Artwork | performance

When:16.09.2020 18:00

Panorama Hotel Prague

The performance is a part of a larger project Audience without Artwork by Isabela Grosseová & Jesper Alvaer and is open for the general public on Wednesdays from 6 pm to 8 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm.

An installation and performative project in three parts
The performative project is open to a limited number of viewers, 3 people / 30 min

For Come Closer, Alvaer and Grosseová have created a new project inspired by their captivation with Jaroslava Brychtová and Stanislav Libenský’s glass sculpture Flower (1982), which was originally commissioned for Budějovice Square in Prague. The sculpture was damaged in the 1990s and has since disappeared. Through advertisements, including a billboard, Alvaer and Grosseová found people who remembered the sculpture. In meetings with these people, they asked them to share their memories associated with this place and the glass sculpture. The respondents half-consciously created a physical footprint of these memories on copper plates that the artists used to create copper copies of the lost sculpture.

Jesper Alvaer and Isabela Grosseová are a Czech-Norwegian artistic duo whose work has long explored what qualities (institution, aura, originality) differentiate art objects from non-art objects and how the rules for artists’ behavior differ from those that apply to viewers. Grosseová and Alvaer do not see the work of art as the final objective of artistic work but as an excuse to create situations in which the traditional originality of the artwork is replaced by the originality of the viewing experience. Their works transform the gallery space from a place where artworks are put on aesthetic display into a place where, helped along by the artists, viewers’ specific abilities result in the creation of a “thing,” a work of art, or a story, and this output de facto replaces the art object. For instance, at the 2015 exhibition Competence at Fotograf Gallery, they exhibited not a single work of art. The starting impulse was a hand drawing that every viewer did themselves. After listening to an audio recording, viewers went through a meeting with a coach, who used the drawing and the experience of listening to the recording to guide them towards their own narrative of what they experienced at the exhibition.