Realism Yesterday and Tomorrow | online discussion

When:20.11.2020 18:00

GHMP | Municipal Library


90 minutes

During this evening event, we will speak with several authors about the use and function of realism in art. We will explore the contexts in which the debate’s participants perceive various works of art (from a variety of media) at Come Closer as realist. Is there any point to today’s reassessment of realism by art historians? We will also ask whether the modernist interpretation of realism as the opposite of “art for art’s sake” is still applicable under today’s conditions for making art, or whether, as M. Fischer has suggested, its historical form has already been assimilated and it must be reformulated in relation to the conditions of “capitalist realism.”

This event will take place online and will be streaming via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Guests: Tereza Stejskalová, Andrea Slováková, Jiří Žák, Václav Magid
Host: Vít Havránek