Biennale Matter of Art 2020

Where: Prague City Gallery & Prague Market

When: 18.06.2020—20.09.2020

The first edition of Biennale Matter of Art will take place from June 18th to September 20th 2020 in Prague. Further details of the exhibition will be announced in the upcoming months – sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest information and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The first edition of the biennale Matter of Art seeks a new language and new possibilities for “improbable meetings”. It wrestles with issues of coexistence in a society in which people have ceased to speak the same language. It dwells in places where language has broken down, it examines contempt, irritation, fear, frustration, anger, aggression and fatigue. With a feeling that it is necessary to find common ground, it examines the causes and conditions of the emotional atmosphere of today’s society. It searches for these causes in the past, in the present, or looks at them from the perspective of potential future scenarios. In the first edition of the biennale we shall systematically focus on the disappearance of platforms where people from all kinds of social groups have come together and been confronted with opinions different from their own, which have forced them to step outside their comfort zone. Presentism, a toxic present, backwardness, nostalgia, revision, modernity. Every exhibition becomes a battle between forms, for which of them will allow us to plan at least another breath with the hope of survival, a five year plan, a future.